7 Women Leaders Who Played a Role in the G20 Summit in Bali

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7 Women Leaders Who Played a Role in the G20 Summit in Bali

Indonesia had an opportunity to become a host of the G20 Summit at Nusa Dua, Bali, on 15-16 November 2022. This forum will be attended by at least 17 heads of state and delegates from each country that is a part of G20.

Of the many delegates from each country, it turned out that there were female figures that played important roles at the G20 Summit, including Indonesia. Here are seven female figures at the 2022 G20 Summit in Bali.

1. Maudy Ayunda: Spokesperson for the Indonesian G20 Presidency

Famous Indonesian actress Maudy Ayunda is appointed as the spokesperson for the Indonesian G20 Presidency Government. Her presence is expected to optimally socialize and promote the G20 Presidency to the Indonesian people.

Maudy Ayunda is considered a good representation of millennials because they are considered able to increase the popularity of the G20 Forum among millennials and Gen Z.

2. Anne Hathaway: The Speaker at B20 Entrepreneurs Forum in Bali

Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway is known to be one of the speakers at the B20 Forum, a side event of the G20 2022 series of events in Bali.

This group is an economic and multilateral working group forum that includes the countries with the largest economies in the world. Anne Hathaway is scheduled to be a speaker at a session themed Accelerating Economic Transformation and Inclusive Productivity Growth.

Anne Hathaway is a United Nations (UN) representative, namely UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. Since being appointed as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, Anne Hathaway has often been involved in various essential events concerning women, ranging from the economic sector to culture.

3. Sanda Ojiambo CEO of United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)

Sanda Ojiambo is an Assistant Secretary General and CEO United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) is a United Nations pact that encourages businesses and enterprises around the world to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies and report on their implementation. UNGC will focus on supporting Sustainable Achievement Or Development Goals (SDGs) in 2030.

Sanda Ojiambo attended the B20 Task Force discussion, which discussed digitization, integrity, and compliance with Haryanto T Budiman as Head of the Digitalization Task Force and Head of the Integrity and Compliance Task Force, Ririok Adriansyah.

4. Gemma Aiolfi, Head of Compliance, Corporate Governance and Collective Action Division of the Basel Institute on Governance

The following person who will attend the B20 forum at the 20th Bali Summit is Gemma Aioli. He is Head of the Compliance, Corporate Governance, and Collective Action Division of the Basel Institute on Governance.

Gemma Aiolfi acts as part of the Basel Institute on Governance specialist team, which provides specific guidance and training on anti-corruption compliance, corporate governance, and crisis management for organizations from various sectors.

Gemma Aiolfi becomes the speaker on the panel discussion with them Building The Foundation Sustainable and Resilient Digital Economy.

The discussion forum discusses the foundations and integrity of a sustainable and resilient digital economy in the B20 Summit Indonesia 2022 series of events with several other figures. 

5. Candace Johnson, one of the founder of SES and Loral-Teleport Eropa

Candace Johnson is a global infrastructure, networking, and innovation expert and entrepreneur. She is also the Co-Founder of SES and Loral-Teleport Europe, Europe’s first private cross-border satellite communications network company.

Candace Johnson presented to convey her opinion in Plenary Session VII B20 Summit Indonesia 2022 with CEO and Co-Founder Grab Anthony Tan and CEO Telefonica Brazil Christian Gebara.i

6. Nicke Widyawati, Main Director of Pertamina

Nick Widyawati, who is a main director of Pertamina that appointed as chair of the Energy, Sustainability & Climate Task Force (Head of the Energy, Climate and Sustainability Task Force) at B20 forum who cooperation with the global business leaders to respond the policies related to energy and climate change.

This forum is a place for discussion to act as a pioneer of strong, sustainable, and balanced economic growth and support commitments to achieve Net Zero Emission and the development of new and renewable energy.

7. Ira Noviarti, The Chair of B20 Women in Business Action Council (WiBAC), Indonesia’s B20 Presidency task force

Ira Noviarti is a chair of the B20 Women in Business Action Council (WiBAC), the Indonesian G20 Presidency task force. She also serves as President and Director of a leading FMCG company, Unilever Indonesia.

At the G20 event, B20 WiBAC holds a forum themed Accelerating Inclusion of Women UMKMs in The Global Economic to support gender equality.

This is an effort made through policy recommendations on women’s issues so that more women have access to better business and economic opportunities.



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